Just a few days from the launch, we have already collected over EUR 150,000 in subscriptions!
Our campaign will be online on Mamacrowd’s portal untile September 24

Midori launches its new equity crowdfunding campaign on the portal Mamacrowd, the first equity crowdfunding platform where to invest in the best innovative startups in the Italian landscape.

Why invest in Midori


Specialized in the development of innovative energy analysis tools based on data analytics and machine learning

Energy data

Big Data are this millennium’s oil and the big Utilities are seeking for solutions to capture quality data to build new business models on

First mover

Midori is the first in Italy to be able to create large, high-quality data sets in real time, revolutionizing the smart home scenario

Solid reputation

It has been collaborating continuously for 7 years with first-level Italian and foreign companies in the energy sector

Important companies have already chosen us

Do you want to become part of the change?
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To invest in Midori means to become an associate of ours for all purposes, and to become part of an innovative project with a great outlook, which objective is to revolutionize the smart home scenario as applied to the energy sector, involving subscriptions by investors small and big and by companies.

The funds collected via the equity crowdfunding campaign will be invested in Research & Development, to enhance all the features of NED, to improve the machine learning algorithms and to realize an advanced energy profiling service platform for companies, based on Big Data.


What is equity crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative fund raising process that takes place online. By investing one’s own money in a project, one buys stock, shares, or other financial instruments offered by the bidder and one becomes, for all purposes, an associate of the company that is promoting a business or investment project. This is because the company itself, in its effort to cover its demand for capital, has decided to offer the public to subscribe shares of its assets.

Join many others in believing in us and in our project and invest on Mamacrowd
Our campaign will be open until September 24, 2018.